Contracts and Employee Handbooks

We work with you to create legally compliant employment contracts that protect both your employees and your company. From the first day of employment, all businesses in the UK must present employees with a written statement of the main employment particulars. We can relieve you of the stress of preparing the correct contracts for your team, enabling you to concentrate on your business.

Poorly worded or non-existent employment contracts pose a significant risk to a company, causing future problems – particularly if a disciplinary issue or grievance emerges.

What can we do?

To discover any gaps in your documentation, we will conduct an HR health check and analyse any existing terms and conditions. From this we will suggest improvements to current documents or create a contract tailored to your company. 

Employee Handbook

A strong employee handbook does more than merely complement the employment contract. It’s a must-have to working at your organisation, as well as an introduction to the company’s distinct culture and values.

A good employee handbook complements the contract by laying out how employees are expected to behave, who they can go to for help, and what they can expect from you as their manager. It also includes details on company regulations, employee benefits, and housekeeping arrangements.

The employee handbook is a critical document during the onboarding process and throughout the working relationship because it is one of the first tools businesses use to engage new employees.

Because each company is unique, no two employee handbooks should be alike. Our team collaborate closely with business owners and managers to create handbooks that reflect your company’s unique tone, personality, culture, and values.

Will you look over all of my employees’ contracts as some staff have different ones?

Yes, our HR professionals will review all contracts, we have worked on a wide range of contracts, including employee contracts, zero-hour contracts, and consultancy agreements.

I am taking on my first employee do you have a draft contract I can use?

Yes, we will collaborate with you to ensure that you have all you need to properly set up your first employee with the appropriate employment contract. You can keep the draft contract for your expanding business.

Can you tailor contracts with clauses relating to specific industries?

Yes, we have worked in a range of sectors and are happy to customise contracts to meet your industry’s requirements.