Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

At some point over the life of a business, most employers will have to deal with disciplinary and grievance procedures.

These circumstances are time-consuming, difficult, and often unpleasant, and dealing with them alone can be daunting. If left unaddressed, common concerns like employee absence, misconduct, or bullying allegations can all pose a risk to your company’s reputation.

Employees have rights, but it’s also vital to remember that your company has rights and with our expert HR Specialists on your side, even the most complicated difficulties may be managed fairly and professionally.

Minimising Risk

  • It is considerably preferable to avoid disciplinary and grievance issues in the first place than to deal with them once they occur.
  • Having comprehensive employment contracts and employee handbooks can help prevent problems from escalating  and put your company in a stronger position if one does arise.
  • Our knowledgeable HR Specialists can conduct a full audit of these documentation and procedures to verify that your disciplinary and grievance procedures are effective and serve the best interests of your employees and company.

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