Bramah HR Client and Candidate Referral Scheme

Candidate Referral Scheme

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Our candidate referral scheme is an ideal way to load your pockets with £150 worth of Vouchers of your choice!

How it works

1 – Refer a candidate to us for a vacancy we are recruiting for.

2 – We’ll let you know if your referral is used in our recruitment process. If used, we’ll ask you which vouchers you’d like to receive!

3 – If your referral successfully acquires a role through for one of our vacancies and starts the position you’ll receive your chosen vouchers via email or in the post.

Client referral scheme  

We love to reward loyal customers and have an added incentive for you to save on your invoices.

When you refer a business to us that we successfully transact with, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next invoice with us.