Mark heads up our Safeguarding department and is an experienced Safeguarding professional who has strong Safeguarding foundations forged through a combination of a 30 year career in the police force at senior level as well as through his continued work with a number of well-known public organisations. His expertise encompassed the investigation of child abuse and adult abuse cases, as well as the management of dangerous offenders within the community. Mark also took on the role of an independent reviewer for Hampshire Children Services, ensuring the safety and well-being of children. Additionally, he was responsible for managing individuals who posed a risk within a religious organisation and conducted independent reviews of child Safeguarding practices. Mark’s extensive knowledge extended to offering expert opinions to legal organisations on matters of liability. Furthermore, he engaged in recent research focusing on Safeguarding within business contexts, examining the existing risks and potential mitigation strategies. With his multifaceted background, Mark emerged as a valuable asset in the field of risk management and Safeguarding.

Safeguarding Health Check

Our services include a comprehensive assessment of your safeguarding culture, policies, and procedures. We develop effective solutions to minimise, prevent and respond to risks and difficult situations. With our extensive expertise in both the public and private environments, we provide invaluable support to enhance safeguarding practices. Making your business safe, responsible and operating within best practice.

Safeguarding Investigations and Reviews

We support organisations to provide support, review, or lead particularly complex safeguarding investigations. Our team comprises experts with extensive experience in both criminal and civil investigations, ensuring a thorough and independent perspective. We offer guidance to organisations involved in investigations that have safeguarding implications, particularly those dealing with intricate internal inquiries, vulnerable witnesses, or serious allegations. Whether conducting investigations on behalf of organisations or offering independent reviews based on our expertise in best practices, we are dedicated to delivering optimal outcomes.

Safeguarding Training 

We offer specialised training for your organisation. We do not offer ‘off the shelf- training’ we take the time to tailor your training needs and ensure knowledge transfer is maximised to your delegates. Leading from the top is imperative to embedding a safeguarding culture within your organisation. We will support your organisation to comply with best practice. Giving your senior leadership team, your staff and customers the reassurance they need that you are taking safeguarding seriously. Safeguarding is ensuring a proportionate and safe response to risks that may exist. Our experts will work with you to identify those risks and to mitigate them. We offer training and reviews to all organisations that hold a responsibility for the safety of children and adults with vulnerabilities or designated vulnerable adults. We have supported businesses, charities, clubs, local authorities and religious organisations with their safeguarding needs.

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